Psychologist in Dehradun,Therapist in Dehradun,Counsellor in Dehradun,UK,IN

Psychologist in Dehradun,Therapist in Dehradun,Counsellor in Dehradun,UK,IN


Bhameshwari Counselling Centre - Counselling Services in Dehradun

About us

Bhameshwari Group is amongst the premiere groups which is registered under "MSME, Govt. of India". This group is working in the field of Psychology, Social help, Counselling and Guidance Service in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Bhameshwari Group has 3 major units out of which under the holistic banner of "Bhameshwari Counselling Centre" founding Director Dr. D. Dhalla(hc) who is continuously working and providing helping hand to the society, who all are fighting with their personal issues and problems such as Stress & Anxiety. On the other side serving the needful with - Career Counselling and guidance, Couple Counselling, Pre- Post Marital Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Individual Personalized (100% Confidential) Counselling, Parent - Child Counselling, Mobile/ Gaming addiction, Anger issues, Low mood, Removal of Insecurities, Removal of Intrusions of thoughts to those who all need a proper guidance to heal & track down their life.

Professional Counselling has basically proven a tool for bringing the sufferers back from illusion to reality and to work and live their life's smoother. Patients/Clients feel quite motivated after attaining counselling from BCC founding Director Dr. D. Dhalla(hc) who has proved himself to be as the friendly Counsellor/Psychologist.

Counselling Services Available in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

We at Bhameshwari Counselling Centre along with founding Director Dr. D. Dhalla(hc) work as Professional Counsellor in Dehradun and side by side being a family partner, we also provide Counselling and guidance services in Dehradun for families in order to manage their own life too while dealing with depressive & aggressive family member. We heal with counselling techniques and provide the miraculous way to come out of problems & personal issues in a natural way.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression make us SAD

Ongoing Stress, Anxiety and Depression makes us SAD, and we feel exhausted, Low with lethargic mood. 

Don't think that you are alone.... 

Let us help you out. Just join us for one to one (individual) counselling Session.

Learn how to remove Intrusive Thoughts 

It's really difficult to remove intrusive thoughts. You should seek Psychologist in Dehradun if you reside in Uttarakhand in order to resolve your issue related to intrusion of thoughts. 

DO YOU THINK SO ??  If yes, spare some time for yourself..  Lets sit together in order to resolve....!!!!

Learn to live with Clarity of thoughts

Confused.... Doubtful......  Skeptical........Fogged.
 Let's sit together in order to remove Cloudiness.  

Anxiety makes you feel intense with worry, fear and uneasiness and you are left with no other option instead of skipping the work, job, classroom and even avoiding facing people around you. Don't worry if you are looking for resolution and if you reside in Dehradun, you should seek Anxiety treatment in Dehradun from the best Psychologists in Dehradun or the best Counsellor in Dehradun or even you may take help from the best therapist in Dehradun.

We are registered under MSME, Govt of India

We are voluntarily registered under "Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India".  We thank the officials for providing us the privilege to get registered under the "Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India".   

Certified 3 Best Rated™

The TBR inspection report states the clarity what we are..!

We have been Checked, Verified, Inspected and selected as  "3 Best Rated™ Counselling Centre in Dehradun, Uttarakhand".

TBR Inspection report

In order to analyze the quality of services offered by our esteemed end you may check the TBR inspection report in the adjacent image.


Dr. D. Dhalla, Psychologist and Therapist in Dehradun