Psychologist in Dehradun,Therapist in Dehradun,Counsellor in Dehradun,UK,IN

Psychologist in Dehradun,Therapist in Dehradun,Counsellor in Dehradun,UK,IN


Frequently asked Questions

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We will be trying to answer you the most enquired questions that we are asked commonly.

How to take appointment?

You can call 9997601425 between 3 pm to 8pm for appointment.

What is the Counselling session fee and duration?

Fee for counselling session depends on segments.

1. For individual counselling session - Rs. 800/- one hour duration.

2. For Couple/Marriage counselling session - Rs 1500/- one hour duration.

3. For Online counselling session - Rs 1000/- one hour duration.

When can I visit for Counselling?

 Monday to Saturday - 3 Pm till 8 Pm.

 Sunday - 11 am till 8 Pm.

Note: Advance booking of an appointment is must. You can call 9997601425 for booking an appointment.

What is the degree/qualifications of Dr. D. Dhalla (hc)

Degree's attained:

✔️ Hon. PhD in Clinical Psychology.

✔️ M.Psych in Clinical Psychology.

✔️ Masters in Business Management.

✔️ Bachelor's in Spl. Edu. - Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability. (RCI Affiliated*).

✔️ Bachelor's in Computer Applications.

Professional Diploma’s:

✔️Diploma in Psychology,

✔️Diploma in Psychiatry,

✔️Diploma in Mental Health,

✔️Diploma in CBT.

Professional Certifications:

✔️Certificate in Depression.    

✔️Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

✔️Certificate in Depression: Treatment, Therapies and Triggers.

✔️Certificate in Psychology of Everyday Life – Mental Health Issues.

✔️Certificate in REBT – The Science of Re-Programming your Mind.

✔️Certificate in Nursing Studies – Clinical Skills: Neurological Disorders.

✔️Certificate in Family Counselling, Marriage and Couples Therapy.

Dr. D. Dhalla strongly accept that Learning is an ongoing process and it's never-ending, so he keeps his mind occupied in learning more and more....!!

Dr. D. Dhalla is a Counselling Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist?

Dr. D. Dhalla (hc) is a "Counselling Psychologist" plus he is "Registered Approved Counsellor" with Government of India.

Is there Internship facility available?

Yes, but limited.

Dr. D. Dhalla, Psychologist and Therapist in Dehradun