Top Counselling Services in Dehradun, Uttarakhand,IN

Top Counselling Services in Dehradun, Uttarakhand,IN


Dr. D. Dhalla (hc), Counselling Psychologist in Dehradun


It's an immense pleasure to introduce one of the enthusiastic and leading name in the field of Psychological Counselling and guidance as B.C.C.® founding Director Dr. Devinder Dhalla (hc) the "Registered" & "Approved Counsellor" by Govt of India (Reg. No: XXX60140) & "Registered Medical and Therapy Asst." under Govt. Of India (Reg. No: XXXX-XX43-6240).

Dr. Devinder Dhalla (hc) is actively working as Counselling Psychologist, Behaviour Therapist and Psychological Counsellor. He has been proudly presented by the Certification of "LIFE MEMBERSHIP" under National Advisory Body  (Certification No: XX4005) in recognition of continuing support and work in the area of Professional Counselling and Guidance.

Awards and Honour

BCC® founder Dr. Devinder  Dhalla (hc)  is awarded by Uttarakhand Rattan in 2019 for providing his best services in the field of Psychological Counselling and guidance. 

Later on he got honored by Chief minister of Uttarakhand State with Achiever's award 2019 for working actively in the field of Psychological Counselling and guidance services

In 2021 Jagad Guru Shankracharya ji also honored Dr. Dhalla with "Mahajyoti Mahasamman" for serving his best in the field of Psychological Counselling and guidance services for the needy one's. 

Further, he was recognized as "The Youth Icon - 40 Leaders under 40" in 2023 for working best in the field of Counselling Psychology" and was honored and awarded by Former Central cabinet Minister, Former Education Minister, Former Chief Minister Uttarakhand and the current member of Parliament Haridwar constituency Hon. Dr. Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal ji.


He has proven a lot by bringing the life back of thousands of pupil those who lost the hope for life. People just see him as "Asha Ki Kiran".

● Tags: 

✔️ Internationally Certified - "NLP Practitioner's Associate" ,

✔️ Internationally Certified "Mental Health Ambassador", 

✔️ Registered "Counsellor" under Govt of India.

✔️ Registered "Medical & Therapist Asst" under Govt of India.

Working as : 

✔️Counselling Psychologist.

✔️Freelance Counsellor. 

✔️ Motivational Speaker. 

✔️ Career Coach.

✔️ Author & Mentor.

✔️ Psychology - Content Writer.

✔️ Professional Counsellor.

✔️ Wellness Facilitator.

● Holds Membership of : 

✔️ "Counsellors Council of India, CCI",

✔️ "American Psychological Association- Div. 1, 

✔️ "American Counseling Association",

✔️ "Minnesota Psychological Association" ,

✔️ "Uttarakhand Psychological Association"

✔️ "Indian Counselling Association"


 ● Mission & Vision:

Dr. D. Dhalla(hc) is working for social cause and humanity with professional skills related to Counselling and Guidance Services. He has settled the benchmark by providing Pure Counselling services in order to bring ease to client's life. He has saved many lives by bringing his utmost professional skills and knowledge in the field of counselling and guidance to improve the living style of suffering humans by bringing them back from illusion to reality. People who strive hard to reframe their style of living feel good after meeting him. 

He uses real life approach to demystify Counselling and life coach techniques to uplift the well-being of the needful. He shares his expertise in speaking events, workshops and engaging audiences for betterment and smoother life journey. 

● Open for : 

✔️ Part-time School Counsellor.

✔️ NGO visits for Counselling.

✔️ Family Partner.

✔️ Counselling sessions.


Research Work & Journal Papers 

Research Papers published in International Journals Authored by Dr. D. Dhalla (h.c) 

Authors : Dr. Devinder Dhalla; Paras Dhalla

IJISRT : Volume/Issue : Volume 7 - 2022, Issue 6 - June

APA : 

Dr. Devinder Dhalla; Paras Dhalla. (Volume. 7 Issue. 6, June - 2022) "To Study the Generation Gap and Personality Profile’s: An Explorative Study.", International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT), ISSN - 2456-2165 , PP :- 51-66.


Dr. D. Dhalla, Psychologist and Therapist in Dehradun